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Production of Hearing Aids

  • Production of Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids in Mierzyn

    #HearingAids #MedicalProduction #Lean #Kaizen #Electronics #ImprovementOfProductionProcesses #ElectronicIndustry

    • Produce the best hearing aids in the world, being sold across all continents.
    • Participate in the implementation of new medical products - cutting-edge equipment.
    • Improve your work according to the Lean philosophy, and the highest standards of quality.
    • Work in a stable company that has existed in Poland since 2007, in a friendly and open team.
    • We have the best company picnics and know the way to Rostock and Thisted like the palm of our hand!

    Production Director

    Want to change the world? We do, so come and see!
  • Production of In-the-ear Hearing Aids in Mierzyn

    #ProductionAndServicingOfHearingAids #3DPrinting #ContinuousImprovement #LeanManufacturing #5s

    • Have access to cutting-edge technologies, the most modern 3D printers and lasers.
    • Work with the most modern equipment for 3D design and acoustic control.
    • Use professional production tools in your everyday work.
    • Use your experience, skills and strengths to their fullest potential.

    Operations Director

    Join us and help others fulfil their dreams to hear better.